Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching is a coaching programme that aligns leaders with their three centres of intelligence: intellectual, emotional and instinctual. It enables leaders to communicate effectively with others as well as to provide effective direction and to keep things on track. Participants respond to a DISC questionnaire and the ensuing report clarifies how they respond to problems and challenges, what are their strategies to influence others to their point of view, how they respond to the pace of their environment and how they respond to rules and procedures set by others.


Participants are accompanied over 6 to 8 confidential sessions

where they discover strategies to unlock their full potential and

live their life proactively and not reactively.


Participants receive a 43 page DISC report as well as a 14 page

Enneagram report. They also receive weekly leadership tips that

address current corporate and life issues and help them think out

of the box.