People will not put a sustained effort into a new behaviour if they have only a rational understanding of its importance to their life and their work. Our holistic approach provides participants with a deeper, internal framework aligning them with their Company's values and vision.

By using Cognitive Restructuring, we can enable participants make quantum shifts in their life and work outlooks and adopt new, easy to implement behaviours that engender success in their professional, personal, and social life.

Hugh Stanley

"Hugh is a trainer, speaker, researcher and coach who lives his passion for arousing the seeds of achievement within people."


Hugh is the co-founder and joint Managing Director of Quantum Vision.


He is a charismatic and inspiring communicator who has had extensive experience in management, corporate training and leadership.


Hugh designs and facilitates corporate and personal development programmes, empowering individuals and teams to actualise their full potential and reach a professional competitive edge. He also provides coaching and mentoring to individuals helping them develop their leadership competencies and unleash their passion through uncovering their life purpose.


Hugh has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Semiology. He is a certified Professional Behavioral and Motivational Analyst and a certified Applied Axiologist. Hugh is a Business Psychology Practitioner and an Executive Coach.   He has conducted extensive research and training in the fields of behavioural psychology, Psycho Cybernetics, Enneagram, Psychometric Profiling, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Cognitive Restructuring.

The Training Experience

Here at Quantum Vision, our training seminars consist of a savvy blend of music, colours, games, lectures, workshops, discussions, physical exercise, lots of fun as well as deep and meaningful moments. We involve multiple senses in the learning process enabling participants to learn faster, with better retention.

Sylvie Stanley

"She is dynamic, delightful and dedicated. Her style and passion make her communication engaging and personal."


Sylvie is the co-founder and joint Managing Director of Quantum Vision.


She is inspired by the process of transforming people so they can tap into their inner knowledge and develop the passion that will carry them to their highest level of performance. She has authored a play and a book.


Sylvie has a Diploma in Energetic Medicine as well as a Diploma in Holistic Counselling. She has completed extensive training and research in the fields of behavioural psychology, Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence, stage drama, Leadership and Cognitive Restructuring. Sylvie is a Business Psychology Practitioner and she coaches executives and couples.


Sylvie's dynamism and passion will inspire you to tap into your higher self and be aligned with your field of potentiality, enabling you to experience a rich and fulfilled personal and professional life.