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Quantum Vision Ltd is a corporate training company dedicated to the growth and transformation of leaders in Mauritius and around the world.

We take time to discuss and understand your needs and then design our learning programmes to meet your business, personal, and professional objectives.


We help individuals and teams undertake a process of Cognitive Restructuring enabling them to reassess their behaviour patterns to support enhanced performance and results.


All our training programmes are threaded within the mind, body, spirit connection which is the essence of all human experience.


Whatever your industry, we can assist you and your teams to have a winning culture through passion, purpose and perseverance.


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Why Choose Us?

  • More than 25 years experience in the field of human development
  • Local market experience with global exposure
  • Our approach has its foundations in a myriad of studies and systems including NLP, Psychology, Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence, Holistic Counselling, Life Coaching, Energy Leadership, Neuroscience, Accelerated Learning and Inner Child Work.
  • Through our training, people embark on a transformation journey.
  • Our training programmes create the space to ignite passion through purpose, aligned to your Company's values and vision.

Develop a Winning Organisational Culture

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